“Made Alive” – Citizens

So my kids (4yrs, 3yrs, 1yr) already have a favorite band. For a guaranteed display of little Ramseys rocking out and singing at the top of their lungs: just press play on any one of Citizens songs. And to be completely honest, it pretty much has the same effect on most people with a pulse as well.

CitizensCitizens is a high-energy indie rock band from Mars Hill U-District. Born in the heart of Seattle’s University District, Citizens has quickly built a reputation for their dynamic hymn arrangements and high-intensity anthems. Deacon Zach Bolen leads the band with a visible emotion and passion that stems from a desire to see everyone in the U-District worship Jesus as Lord.

You can check out their latest music video, “Made Alive” below, their 2012 EP here, and their new album which drops on iTunes in a couple weeks, here.

You’re welcome!




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