A Lesson on ‘Missional’ from my 4yr Old

Alaiya & Her Friend Coloring-In

Today I was reminded what ‘missional’ looks like by my 4.5yr-old daughter Alaiya.

The following is a conversation my wife Kristina recorded between Alaiya and her Hindu friend who lives up the street from us. The girls were playing out front and then decided to do some coloring-in together. Saheli (name changed for privacy) chose a picture of Jesus on the Cross to color-in, and then asked Alaiya,

Saheli: “Who’s that?” 

Alaiya: “That’s Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is?”

Saheli: “No.”

Alaiya: “Jesus is God’s Son! And He really loves you!” 

Saheli: “HE DOES!? What does He love about me??”

Alaiya: “He MADE you! And He made lots of stuff, and He knows everything. And He died for us!”

Saheli: “HE DIED!!?!?!?!?”

Alaiya: “Yeah! But He rose again! Yeah…and He really loves you Saheli…”

*long pause for more coloring-in*

Saheli: “Can we color another one?”

Alaiya prayed tonight that Saheli would know how much Jesus loves her. They’re going to hang out again tomorrow. 

That’s what missional looks like.




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