We’re Adopting from DR Congo!

So we’ve got some pretty big and exciting news: WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

Except this time it’s a little different.


From the earliest days of our marriage (and for Kristina, ever since she can remember!) we have always wanted to pursue adoption. Now nearly nine years and three of our own children later, we are feeling God tugging on our hearts more than ever to rescue a little one and adopt them into our family. Ephesians 1 tells us that even before God made the world, He loved us, chose us, and decided to adopt us into His own family through Jesus Christ, because this gave Him great pleasure. We feel this. And by the grace of God, we want to demonstrate that same life-altering love that we have received.


The DRC is the poorest country in the world, with most families surviving on an income of just 90 cents per day. The average person only lives to 48 years old and an estimated 465,000 children in the DRC die each year from preventable diseases like malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea. It is a country that has seen millions of lives lost and unspeakable atrocities committed during a decade of war (the most deadly since WW2), with many of the victims children. Tragically, it is estimated there are upwards of 5,000,000 orphans in the DRC alone.

We’ve explored many different adoption pathways. But when Kristina and I were presented with the opportunity to be one of the first families in our adoption agency’s pilot program to the DRC, we decided to jump at the chance.


So we’ve started a fundraiser on PureCharity. It allows friends, fam, and even those we’ve never crossed paths with to give tax-deductible gifts to help us make our adoption dream a reality. We have a donations goal of $25,000 (the total cost will be $35-40k). We know it’s audacious. But every dollar goes directly to our agency towards the cost of giving a child a mama, daddy, a big sister and two big brothers. They’ll get a family.

Here’s three big ways you could help us out:

  • 1) Give a completely tax deductible gift towards our adoption, from your family or your business. You might be able to give anywhere from $50 to $250…$1000 or $5000! But we want you to know we are extremely grateful for every single dollar – it all helps make a huge difference!
  • 2) Pray with us for a smooth and speedy process, and for Jesus to give us the grace to navigate every obstacle that lies ahead of us on this adventure.
  • 3) Share what we are doing with other people and businesses you know! Even something as simple as posting a link (www.purecharity.com/ramseyadoption) on your Facebook or Twitter can help spread the word and would be a huge blessing to us!


We have been blessed with friends in every corner of the globe – we love you and are so thankful God has let us share our lives with each of you, even if it’s from afar. We know that not everyone will be able to help us out with this adoption, and that’s totally cool! But to those who are able and willing to join with us, in whatever way possible, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

May Jesus be glorified in this. 

All our Love,

Adam, Kristina, Alaiya, Benaiah, and Ezra Ramsey




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