Adoption Update: Good News…but Prayers Needed


Our dossier (a gigantic stack of legal forms and supporting documents) has been approved by the U.S Government! This was the final step before being matched with a child through our adoption agency. Now the waiting begins.


That said, we are asking for people to pray with us that the recent ‘Exit Permit Ban’ on DRC adoptions will lift quickly. The DRC has temporarily suspended all international adoptions, while they conduct an investigation into allegations that some children from the DRC were abandoned by their adoptive parents. You can read the whole story here.

In a nutshell, we are able to continue moving forward with this adoption, but if the ban doesn’t lift by the time we are legally able to bring home our child, we will be the legal parents of a child that is unable to make it past the Kinshasa Airport. While we have much to pray about and some big decisions in front of us, we are not super-worried. We know that King Jesus sits on a throne that is higher than any government.

Pray with us for a swift and thorough investigation, and for the DRC government to lift the ban on legitimate international adoptions. Also, we’d love for you to consider telling your friends about our tax-deductible fundraiser on PureCharity as we try to raise $11k to contribute to the total costs of our adoption.

We are beyond thankful for your prayers and support!

For Jesus’ Fame,

Adam and Kristina


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