Dear Liberti, We Launch This Weekend!

What words are there to describe the experience of seeing a brand new church come into existence?

Well…it’s exhilarating. Like riding the unexpected twists and turns of a roller-coaster. Without a safety harness. On top of a volcano. There’s nothing else like it…you think you might die…and you’re pretty sure you’d do it again.

It’s also humbling.  Staggeringly so. Like preparing to go toe-to-toe with Mount Everest; like a group of explorers looking out into the horizon of uncharted waters; like a dazed first-time parent who has found themselves staring into the eyes of a living, breathing image bearer of God that He has entrusted to their care.

And yet this is where we are!

The church we see is a joy-filled community of #FreedPeople who live to know Jesus and make Jesus known, wherever we are.

In just a few days time, we will celebrate our official Opening Sunday for Liberti Church. Laying the foundation over the past few months with our core group members has been a season of pure, bona-fide grace. And there is no doubt in my mind that the best parts of our journey are still in front of us!

So Liberti family: I’m inviting each and every one of you to join us in praying, inviting, giving, proclaiming, sacrificing and celebrating as we build momentum toward our big day this upcoming Sunday! Feel free to share the video or image below in your social media feeds…let’s get the word out!

I deeply love each of you and I am thrilled about our future!                To paraphrase N.D Wilson,

“May we ride the roaring wave of providence with eager expectation, search for the stories of grace all around us, and look for Christ in every pair of eyes. Let’s write a past that we won’t regret. May we live hard and die grateful. And enjoy it.”

For Jesus’ Fame,

Your Grateful Pastor


Opening Sunday SQR